Does anybody recognize this gal? I've been looking for her since 1975.
If you stick your tongue out at me, you might end up on the Internet.
With the legendary Beach Boys in Tucson, 2012. This was just an hour before their first concert together in about twenty years; the start of their 50th anniversary tour. My band since 1965! (The black eye was the leftover from my most violent fall ever, while hiking twelve days earlier.)  
What if I just want a Coke?
Looks like a movie set, but it isn't.
Even the restaurant's owner must think this is pretty funny, as the sign was untouched a year later.
Four Corners Monument - Intersection of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, & Utah. 1973: Sitting, no cares. 2013: Standing, no hair.
An oldie, but definitely a goodie... except for Les.
Guess I could've had a lot more interesting photo if I had arrived sooner.
Wastin' Away Again
One-Stop Shopping... when they're open.
Do the math.
Cute dog.
"Oh, you need fluff, fluff , fluff..."  (Google is your friend.)
Watered a little early today, I'd say.
If you insist...
If only I had a dollar for every mile, instead of a few of the degrees.
Is it really a problem here that folks are hiking out into the boondocks, passing modern-day, indoor plumbing where they can drive right to the door, and then pitching their remotes in this outhouse's "toliet"? Makes me wonder how they dispose of their cell phones???
Don't just sit there, kiddo. Keep the line moving. (All kidding aside, I understand his look of anxiety. I was scared coming down this ladder.) 
1971. With a lifelong friend, near the beginning of  our careers in the newspaper industry. Mine lasted 25 years; Mike's was an amazing 48, with numerous local, regional, and national awards. (Fingerprints added for that personal touch.)
You can't ever have too many pictures of cows just lying around, lying around.
One of my favorite photos ever! The details: 
Handy for when the post office drives you to drink. You can just walk.
I don't know.
Seems somewhat ironic to me.
1973, Canyonlands National Park. Inventing the selfie. Set the camera on a rock (level would have been better), set the self-timer , and then both of us proceeded to look in another direction. We were on a 16 day, 8000 mile journey across much of the United States. Sure wish I still had that energy today.  
Them's Fightin' Words!
Can't miss the visitor center in this tiny town. Carcross, Yukon Territory, Canada.
Proudly showing future NFL Hall of Famer Fred Biletnikoff of the Oakland Raiders how to look sharp. You shoulda seen my shoes! San Francisco, 1974.
Guns N' Roses?
You might be relieved to know that Elvis videos play continuously in the men's room at his Tupelo birthplace. Thank you, thank you very much.
Is this a test?
How much if I just take it away in a paper cup?
50th State... June 8, 2013.
Thanks, but I'll take the stairs instead.

"Here's my advice, Junior. Take your vitamins and eat lots of fish so you can grow up to be big and strong."
Big Bend NP; September, 1999. 
Many visitors to Big Bend hike the short Santa Elena Canyon trail  along the Rio Grande to the point where there's only river and canyon walls that go straight up; end of trail.
Here I've hiked from the river to the canyon's rim; behind me is a view of Santa Elena & the Rio Grande that few people see. I was on a river trip; in a few hours we would be floating the Rio Grande through the canyon. Well, floating & being dragged in some places by our boatman, as the river was very low in places.

On the left is a glass with Sarasota tap water; the swampy-looking stuff to its right I got from the water bottle filling station at (coincidentally) Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. It actually tasted better than the tap water.
On the right is the real thing... Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. 
I drank this as a kid when I had a cold. Doesn't seem to produce the same result for an adult. Looks eerily similar to the swamp water, too.
Circa 1983, when my main responsibility was the distribution of the still-new USA Today throughout Vermont & upstate New York.
Heard about this from "Seinfeld" twenty years ago. Finally decided to try it, but should have read the ingredients more closely... I'm allergic to pecans.
First public exhibit. Note to self - If there's a next time, consider an upgrade from the $7 frame. 
"Grow up, Squirt. You're embarrassing us!"
On Daytona Beach in 1983, with my 1982 Pontiac J2000. It's always a mistake to buy a car when a new model is introduced; I soon determined the "J" stood for junk.
There must be hundreds of these; this one's in Tucson. No comment on the big billboard behind the motel's sign.
I titled this "Bird Watching" when I posted it to flickr; the gator's eye seems fixed on the nearby target. Let's see... Back turned to an alligator that's about three feet away. Is there any wonder where the term "birdbrain" originated? (The bird did survive, at least during my visit.)
Everybody remembers their first car. Mine was this 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. I also remember the hat. It went with absolutely nothing I (or anybody else) ever owned. But I probably thought it looked cool, and that was all that mattered.
Let's face it... Even a mother would be challenged by this face. Myakka River State Park, Florida. (Thank goodness for zoom lenses!)
This was too much. I can deal with adversity. No problem with April 15, 115° in June, or even telemarketers. But not being able to buy Blue Bell Ice Cream? Unthinkable! This from a Vermonter who worked no more than 100 yards from the original Ben & Jerry's location and ate a lot of the stuff... Blue Bell blows B & J & all the others away. After a two-year absence, it's scheduled to go on sale again in Arizona in March, 2017. 
Bring on the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

"This Is A Stickup!"
Interesting combination of bumper stickers.
1972. The Graduate. With the Red Pants.
Disappointing to learn this. Nice legs, however.
A most appropriate place for this ambulance chaser's billboard... right above the dumpster.
Doing the Split - Don't think I've ever seen another saguaro like this. 
Up-to-date (almost) - March 1, 2017. With four terrific visitors from Albuquerque to Saguaro National Park who've just completed the Not So Junior Ranger Program. It's pretty tough but they did great & asked me to join them in their celebratory photo. (I graded their booklets & gave them their new badges; each of them proudly put theirs on for the photo.) I'm just a volunteer here, but people like these help make this the most fun "job" I've ever had.
Since this album is light-hearted by intent, it seems appropriate to close it with photos of  humor-writer Dave Barry, "the funniest man in America". He spoke at two different sessions at the Tucson Festival of Books in 2015, promoting a new book, of course. I haven't laughed as hard as I did that day since!

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